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My mindful approach to sustainable growth will help you dive deep into discovering your purpose, provide you with a proven methodology to attract aligned opportunities & invite you to embrace harmony in work : life, along with an unshakeable confidence to give you meaningful results on repeat. 

What rules do you live by?

Life can be incredibly unpredictable. It's also precious - each of us has an expiration date. As a collective we face an extraordinary amount of diverse issues that require action, that will continue to evolve and present us with more surprises and newer challenges. And while we can’t control everything, nor should we, we have the ability to be proactive and make choices to create the life we desire to live while we're here - with intention, purpose & dignity. 

When we investigate our intentions we uncover the compass of the heart, and mind.  And our true intention is about manifesting our true potential - requiring pause and reflection to keep uncovering what matters to us and how we can bring our best self to the world. 

There’s nothing more satisfying to realize how powerful you are until you learn it for yourself.

Imagine if what your really wanted became
 your reality...

...and so can you.

I learned this lesson the hard way, being forced to pause with the loss of 1 job, and then another! I clearly wasn't on my path in either scenario, though learned what I needed to. But I had the chance to look at who I wanted to become, and didn't shy away from it. I allowed space for things to happen, and also seized every opportunity micro and macro to see the purpose and magic behind every interaction. I spent a lot of energy creating a vision, reinventing and reimagining, learning, stretching myself ...

“In marketing, we talk about ‘show don’t tell.’ And that’s one of the things that’s so special about Tara. She’s not just telling you to build a brand in alignment with your values, or to “be authentic”; she incorporates her values into her training and she charts out how values-driven content has built her brand. Anyone looking to make more impact in 2023 would be lucky to access Tara as their coach!”

kind words

"Incorporating values & how they build brand"

sara m., founder

An introduction to new ways of mental management to lay the foundation for designing the reality you seek. With scientific exercises targeting the conscious and subconscious mind, we’ll evaluate and learn how we look at our world today in relation to how we desire it to be. 

module 1

What you'll learn

...with lots more goodies along the way! 

a sequence of modules taught live, designed to deliver inspired action

Opening the Aperture of the Mind

module 2

Discovery of Purpose

Exploring how to drive real world relevance aligned with your purpose, this is where we go deep! With examples of global initiatives that exemplify conscious business, we’ll dive into the recipe to bring your best self to life. From embodiment to brand platform development, this is where we tap your future self to start showing up today. 

module 3

How to Artfully Hype Your Personal Brand 

Applying our vision and strategy to practice, we’ll move from the “manifesting” to designing for impact through an integrated approach to communications that drive your purpose and elevate your narrative around what matters to you most. 

module 4

The Alchemy of Opportunity & Evolution 

Are you ready to be amazed at how your energy will begin to attract what you want? No BS, this is where the strategy of how to maximize your efforts are revealed. Along with a revamp to your positioning, we'll cover tactical examples of relationship management that will leave you ready to gain attention organically and lead with purpose.  

"What genuinely set Tara apart is the knowledge, networks, and perspective she's been able to garner, document, and transform into meaningful education to help others move swiftly, yet steadily along their own journeys. Anyone who has the opportunity to engage with Tara in this format should take it and treat it with reverence, like me, you might find yourself anew and even more assured on the otherside." 

kind words

"Knowledge, networks, and perspective"

Paige e. ibm


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