Namaste and welcome!

I’m so glad you’ve landed here to explore how to meditate or deepen your practice further. Meditation is an excellent tool that we can all utilize to find greater calm and quiet in the mind, greater inner strength and composure, and overall wellbeing.  I welcome you to join me for this 21 day meditation challenge inspired by Deepak Chopra to help us learn how to manifest abundance, and to see the positives and beauty in everyday life when we need it most.

You are ready for this group if:

  • You are committed to a daily, consecutive practice
  • You have the patience to try your best to focus and do the work
  • You desire greater peace, harmony, and abundance in your life

How it works:

You’ll receive a daily email from me with:

  •  daily centering theme, talk, and short meditation moment in a 10 – 15 minute video
  • daily Sanskrit mantra
  • daily highest self task to help you realize your truths and desires on your path to manifest abundance

Why meditate with me?

The first time I experienced meditation was 15 years ago on the island of St. Croix. I had just had my first yoga class on a beautiful palapa overlooking the ocean at sunset. In our savasana, I fell asleep. I had never been so relaxed.

Years later, I continued to practice yoga and eventually became certified in 2019 through the Woom Center in New York City. This was a choice I made after a personal catastrophe that sent me to the dark side with borderline depression (though I was never diagnosed professionally).

Becoming certified in yoga taught me a vast amount of skills that go well beyond the asanas, and deep into the psyche, intention setting, and much more. I have since then led meditations for Amazon Studios film screenings in Times Square, mental health fitness start-up Mental NYC, wellness experiences and getaways in Tuscany, Italy, and for family and friends.

This is: practical lessons and guidance, and a safe space for anyone wishing to follow a meditation routine. Open to beginners to advanced practitioners. This isn’t: breath-work, professional advice for anyone suffering from serious mental health issues.


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