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I made this impressive list of change makers in advertising who are driving sustainability agendas in business. Sustainability isn't easy for industries based on selling, yet advertising & PR play a key role from awareness through to impact. See how we are doing it here. 

43 People Changing Advertising for the Climate


In this article I'm sharing about my journey to find authentic alignment in the balance between my career and personal goals.  When I was offered an attractive job offer, I chose the "path less traveled" and made a leap to follow my intuition. This is where it got me. 

"I turned down a $250,000 job offer and moved to St. Barts to start a new life. I'm much happier since prioritizing my well-being over money."


Emotional intelligence has always been important in the workplace, but now that the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we do our jobs and communicate with others, tapping into it is more important than ever. Research has shown that the ability to be self-aware about our own strengths and challenges, interpret others’ emotions and react with empathy can make us better leaders, smarter problem solvers, and achieve more success. 

How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence at Work


Before sustainability was cool, I co-authored a 68-page though leadership study about bringing sustainable tourism to the masses and making positive changes in the travel industry for more sustainability.

How to Bring Sustainable Tourism to the Masses


Jury Member

In 2021, I was a part of Cannes Lions jury line-up of global experts selected to award the world’s very best creative work and benchmark excellence.

Cannes Lions Jury Member: Sustainable Development


In 2022, I was a part of the WARC Awards for Effectiveness 2022 as part of a group of selected senior marketing executives from global brands and top agencies from around the world, recognizing the best marketing campaigns that deliver business results.

WARC Awards for Effectiveness 2022: B2B, Collaboration & Culture and Sustained Growth juries named


The AICP Next Awards recognize outstanding work and the creative forces behind it, but are much more than an Awards competition – Next is a platform for thought leadership and analysis.  The Next Awards winners are made a part of the archive for the Department of Film at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. All work for the Next categories must be for a client and may be produced and aired globally.


AICP Next Awards:
Social Media Jury


Join content creators, influencers and brand experts during this hands-on session exploring the value of an influencer strategy, building ambassador programs, and sharing best practices in approaching win-win partnerships. This workshop will cover opportunities and challenges in activating consumers through the lens of influencers and give a step-by-step guide to creating a strategy that works for your brand and sustainability goals.

Content Creators for Good: A Brand Guide to Collaborating with Influencers


The right thought leadership strategy can not only boost your reputation among industry peers, but it can also connect you with the increasing number of consumers that want to hear from founders and leaders of brands they love. Executive visibility is also important internally, as it has become an integral part of a healthy company culture, and it can boost your impact to create positive change in the world. 

PR Net Masterclass: Thought Leadership & Executive Visibility 


How can brands increase their marketing ROI while driving sustainable behavior change? This engaging session will showcase examples of brands who have unlocked this secret through the power of co-creation. Speaking with HP and Lonely Whale, we shared insights from the latest research on marketing and consumer behavior as well as examples of creative campaigns. 

We are the Co-Creation Generation: Answering the call on Sustainable Behavior Change


The Good Housekeeping Institute in collaboration with MADE SAFE developed this symposium to highlight the impact sustainability plays in our world. As the creator behind one of the first sustainable travel accounts (under my former name, The Conscious Connoisseur), I was invited to speak at their Round Table discussion Ready, Set, Jet! Insights From Travel Front Lines which I helped pull together with some fellow sustainable tourism entrepreneurs and leaders from Earthwatch, Kimpton Hotels and more. 

Sustainable Travel Panel: Ready, Set, Jet | Insights From Travel Front Lines 



On episode two of Brandweek: The Podcast, senior producer Al Mannarino and gm of podcasts John Heil sit down with Adweek’s creative and inclusion editor Shannon Miller and conscious marketer, creator and consultant Tara Nolan. They discuss all the action from day 2, including sessions from Gatorade, Planned Parenthood and a look ahead to Wednesday’s programming.

Brandweek Podcast: New Narratives and Fueling the Future


In this podcast episode with The Change Agents I am sharing my tips on finding your passion and getting clarity on your path, even if you don't know what that looks like yet.

Grounded Through Change: Taking a Path Less Traveled While Traveling the World



Sustainability is not just a buzzword or just a hot topic. When leaders take a conscious approach to sustainability, they can enable their businesses to thrive and grow while simultaneously contributing to solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges.

How Business Leaders can Create a More Sustainable Impact 


The DTC market is less of a wild west than it was even five years ago, but megatrends like supply chain shortages and the emergence of digital channels shift more swiftly than ever.

What Direct-to-Consumer Retail Companies Can Do to Succeed



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