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November 2, 2017

What to do With Your Halloween Leftovers: 3 Easy & Purposeful Ideas


Everyone’s favorite seasonal fruit has seen it’s heyday. Lights are out, orange man. But before you toss your pumpkin, consider these fun and easy ways to recycle this year’s jack-o-lantern and that extra sweet booty 😉

Local Compost Events and Pumpkin Smashes: As a New Yorker, we are all about the convenience and we don’t even realize it half the time. Truth is, urban life can be challenging to live organically despite the efforts made such as rooftop farming and composting. Luckily, The New York City Department of Sanitation has a clever solution for all the pumpkins out there, and it sounds AWESOME: a pumpkin smash and compost with the NYC Compost Project. Check out this handy map for locations around the city.

Culinary Inventions: 1) Roast pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are super healthy and can be used in so many ways (over salads, in muffins, eaten alone, blended to use in a dressing etc.). I love this simple recipe for Tumeric pumpkin seeds – which takes about 10 minutes total. For the foodies out there, this one is a no brainer! 2) Make pumpkin purée: Once you make a puree you can do a lot with it – add to smoothies, pie filling, or even use in a latte.  As a coffee lover, I made a twist on the popular Golden Milk latte by using some pumpkin purée.

Donate Your Candy:  There are lots of amazing charitable organizations out there to engage with and make use of all the leftover candy that’s sitting around. Check out Treats for Troops to share your goodies with U.S. servicemen and women (bonus: you can even get a tax deductible receipt for your donation.) or Operation Gratitude.



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