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A Sustainable Eco Hotel in the South of Iceland  When executed well, sustainable hospitality has the ability to speak with your soul.  Tucked away in the hills of baby to adolescent evergreens lies the 360 Hotel, a modern and peaceful sustainable oasis that feels like home. Olafur and Anna are the married couple who own the […]

Staying at the 360 Hotel in Iceland

sustainable spiritual wellness retreat in Italy

A sacred haven nestled amongst Umbria’s rolling hills, Eremito is the holy grail of hospitality and reawakening Eremito is a sustainable wellness retreat in Italy, and most sacred place I have ever experienced in my travels. It is a boutique hotel in the sense that there are 24 rooms; of culinary excellence in the enjoyment […]

The Eremito Experience: Sustainable Wellness Retreat

I was fortunate enough to live in a place for three years where it’s totally acceptable and encouraged to love food and leisure. I often still question why I moved back to America. One of my absolute favorite social activities while living in Italy was meeting friends for aperitivo, which is a cultural tradition that […]

The Art of Italian Aperitivo

This past July I spent ten days living in a Medieval Tower perched on the rolling hills of rural Tuscany. The pace of life was beyond relaxed; our days revolved around the varietals of the fresh cornetti for breakfast, a swim in the pool, a pass by the garden, as we seamlessly fell into l’ora […]

10 Days in Tuscany at The Torre di Sopra

When I think back to my Italian years it’s still hard to believe that I spent about 65% of my time sailing around the Mediterranean – from Naples to Sicily, to Ibiza and back. The longest amount of time I spent on-board was about two weeks straight; for three days I didn’t leave the yacht. […]

4 Conservation Lessons Learned From Living On a Sailboat


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