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Ibiza & Formentera
Sailing Experience

Centered around wellbeing, cultural connection, and impact, escape to elevate and join us for unexpected holistic connection, and a darn good time.

We create a unique opportunity for those who appreciate a conscious lifestyle to fully immerse and connect in a safe, sustainable, and eco-luxury environment. 

Conscious Experiences are sustainably curated getaways for the soulful & curious female traveler. 


“Conscious Experiences is like living the life of a local. You quickly become an insider to what's cool, eating in restaurants you would never discover otherwise. The Italy experience also included drinking the finest wines you will likely ever taste, indulging in fresh & sustainable meals, and meeting lots of interesting people with parties throughout the week!” 

- Becky Van Dijk (US), Founder of We Are Travel Girls

“I had such an amazing time with Conscious Experiences. We really dove into the soul of the destination and our time was filled with activities that you normally wouldn’t get traveling on your own. My favorite part of the week hands down was the meals we spent together - the table was always set and we would just sit for hours eating, drinking and chatting. It was really special! I recommend Conscious Experiences for anyone who wants more than just a basic travel experience, and for those who want to connect with other great people in a culturally rich, local environment. “

- Jill Matthews (UK), Creator, Sutton & Grove

“Conscious Experiences was carefully curated to allow for rejuvenation of mind, body and soul – and sometimes that calls for a healthy mix of things. Most people don’t put yoga and wine into the same sentence, but a balanced lifestyle isn’t about doing one thing all the time, it’s about finding a healthy way to embrace the ebbs and flows that ultimately fulfill us. Wellness isn’t about one thing you do, it’s about all of the little things you do to set your mind and body up for success. Conscious Experiences was just that & then some.” 

- Kelley Louise (US), Founder, Impact Travel Alliance



We collaborate with locals and bring our own passion and enthusiasm for what we love to create the transformative experiences we crave.

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Ibiza & Formentera
Sailing Experience

SEPTEMBER 12-19, 2021

Past Retreats

Tuscan Yoga Retreat

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Past Retreat

Tuscan Yoga Retreat

Past Retreats

Tuscan Yoga Retreat

Locally sourced food artfully made into healthy, nourishing and delicious meals

A sustainable 53 ft yacht to enjoy as our accommodation & #1 mode of transport

Sailing the Mediterranean sea, sunbathing your heart out, & beach hopping!

Daily intention setting, yoga practice, and meditation

what you can expect

Amazing humans and new friends from around the world. Plus special guests and surprises, of course!

On-land excursions & hikes that respect the environment

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September 2021

Ibiza & Formentera 


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