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I just paid a visit to the wonderful country of Guatemala and WOW did I fall in love! I spent ten days between the UNESCO World Heritage site of Antigua as well as Lake Atitlan. Lago de Atitlán is like the Cinque Terre of Guatemala, with much less vino and much more rice, beans and […]

What To Do In Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

I just discovered Burning Man’s cooler, younger, healthier and wiser cousin who’s offically on the scene, and wants to meet you. Actually, she wants to meet your future self, because your current self has some exciting work to do. I’m talking about Restival Global, a Wall Street Journal Top Eco-Luxe Retreat of 2017, that’s ready to […]

Meet Burning Man’s Cooler, Healthier, and Wiser Cousin

On December 21, 2017,  I co-presented the below with Mandala Research and Destination Better all about how hotels, attractions, destination marketing organizations, tourism industry associations and more can build stronger connections with sustainable travelers in their creative communications plans. I tend to do a lot of talking over slides, so if you have any questions […]

How to Be a Better Sustainable Travel Marketer

In case you’ve never been to the United Nations in New York city, it’s basically like entering another dimension. The stunning, monumental structure opens up to a security situation akin to an airport TSA operation, but once you clear you are in the zone. There’s fantastic art everywhere, and massive meeting rooms where the Excellencies […]

Sustainable Travel Conference in New York City with the Impact Travel Alliance

Exquisite nature, one of the richest biodynamic viticultures in the world, and organic luxuries abound – wine tasting in South Africa is like experiencing life on another planet. The region is a sleeping giant, with a massive amount of incredible producers working their magic day in and day out, honing their talents and grooming their […]

7 Best Sustainable Wineries in South Africa

Learning another language sounds exotic, but it’s a long journey to reap all the benefits that come along with being fluent in another tongue. On the surface it’s glamorous, interesting, and cool, but these factors don’t happen overnight. To speak another language requires a lot of effort, and vulnerability to put yourself in uncomfortable situations […]

The Truth About Learning Another Language


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