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February 14, 2018

Meet Burning Man’s Cooler, Healthier, and Wiser Cousin


I just discovered Burning Man’s cooler, younger, healthier and wiser cousin who’s offically on the scene, and wants to meet you. Actually, she wants to meet your future self, because your current self has some exciting work to do. I’m talking about Restival Global, a Wall Street Journal Top Eco-Luxe Retreat of 2017, that’s ready to take you into your future with a transformative experience that’s a game changer.

Restival is an innovative fusion of retreat and festival, an evolutionary movement sparked by the desire to switch off, unwind and re-create in nature. When I first heard about this, I thought WOW. I want in. Snugly tucked away in a Californian secret vortex close to the infamous Joshua Tree National Park, this Restival experience titled Your Future Self, is taking place over three nights and four days (May 3-6, 2018).  Your Future Self is an extended weekend of wonder to recalibrate, transform and assist you to love the life you live. The unique gathering offers guests the opportunity to immerse and enjoy the enchantment of the present environment, while providing a unique element of utility, ensuring that attendees reap a multitude of benefits for their personal growth. With incredible views of the desert and expert collaborators in the fields of meditation, hiking and geology, sound bath, 1-2-1 coaching, yoga, bodywork and spa treatments, special talent will help you fully accept the person you are today, close the gap on where you want to be, and how you’re going to get there.

As a New Yorker, my lifestyle can be absolute madness. As urban dwellers, we are far from nature, which is one of the largest enablers helping us reconnect to ourselves, and intuition to truly feel and experience the world around us. That’s one reason why Restival was born; to allow for people to take a step back while enjoying nature in an eco-chic setting, amongst incredible healing talent, and like-minded individuals all there for the same reason: to connect with the self, and inevitably become wiser and more connected to the earth.

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The grounds of the event set for this May raise the positive vibrations, as an ancient geological ecosystem produces a strong magnetic energy (witnessed in the shards of magnetite that rise to the surface of the soil). UM, OK! Guests can also discover hidden caverns, petroglyphs, a sauna carved into a rock, enjoy evening performances and even a pop up cinema held in the natural amphitheater. The range of activities available to attendees offers the full spectrum of intellectual engagement to playful, spiritual escape.  Not to mention the indigenous population who will be bringing their wisdom, ceremonies and a traditional Native American Sweat Lodge to purify the spirit. This to me is the ultimate escape and blend of celebrating the indigenous culture where we will be visiting, a bit of therapeutic fun,  while wrapped up in gorgeous nature.

Caroline Jones, Founder of Restival Global, remarks: “From all our travels around the world, this is one of the most unique locations we’ve ever encountered. I am thrilled to welcome guests to this incredible experience, helping to open the door to better health, happy spirits, clarity and confidence to unlock the potential each of us carries inside”.


  • PETER OPPERMANN – Creator of the Future Self Method
  • BARBARA MARX HUBBARD – Foundation for Conscious Evolution
  • MAS SAJADY –  Healer & Founder, Exponential Intelligence
  • ARIEL DAUNAY & GIGI MADL – Somatic Bodywork Healers
  • EWA DA CRUZ – Sacred Totem Sculptor and Artist
  • MURRAY HIDARY  – Piano Meditations and Immersive Musical Experiences
  • RACHAEL JOHNSON – Sound Healer and Bodyworker
  • DEBBIE LASH – Vinyasa Flow & Restorative Yoga
  • CHIARA SHANNON – Sommelier, Mindful Wine Tasting
  • LAURA AUSTIN – Photographer, Workshops on Nature Photography
  • REHMANNIA DEAN THOMAS – Taoist Herbalist
  • JENEDA & CLAYSON BENALLY – Navajo Bodyworkers



Restival is an innovative fusion of retreat and festival, and an evolutionary movement sparked by the desire to switch off, unwind and re-create. A Wall Street Journal Top Eco-Luxe Retreat of 2017, Restival has received global acclaim through in-depth features gracing the pages of VOGUE, Bloomberg, The Daily Mail, SoHo House Magazine, Suitcase Travels, Sunset Magazine and more. Sustainably-minded, Restival is an eco-conscious operation, which also values and incorporates indigenous cultural aspects into their experiences. Utilizing purpose-driven methodologies designed to improve the overall wellbeing of the self, the Restival program has been held worldwide in Africa, Europe, and throughout America, helping to unlock the potential inherent in all attendees for the greater good of humanity.

Main image photo cred: @noah_lucas

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