The Lin Beach House Accommodation in Greenport

Greenport town on the North Fork of Long Island is one of my all-time favorite summertime escapes. Less crowded than the Hamptons and Montauk, Greenport is rising in popularity yet year after year it still maintains it’s all-American historic and farm-first vibe. You can find wineries, organic farm stands, and a handful of beautifully curated […]

Staying at the Lin Beach House in Greenport, Long Island

Where to stay in Puerto Rico

If you are confused about accommodation and where to stay in Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria and Irma – I’ve got you covered.  Looking for accommodation in Puerto Rico is especially challenging after the hurricanes swept through – and I’m quite picky as it is, so I found it difficult to book a place with confidence at first. […]

Where to Stay in Puerto Rico: Post Hurricane Accommodations

Tips for Visiting Puerto Rico

Visiting Puerto Rico post Hurricane Irma and Maria – what you need to know before you go. In March 2018, six months after the devastating hurricanes Maria and Irma passed through the Caribbean destroying many of the islands including Puerto Rico, I paid a visit to the destination to debunk the media myths that had polluted […]

10 Tips for Visiting Puerto Rico Post Hurricane Maria and Irma

Travel inspiration for visiting Puerto Rico As an avid American traveler, it’s hard to believe that I just made my first visit to Puerto Rico. All this time I had no idea what I was missing. You don’t just get the opportunity to see one island, you can visit several all within the Puerto Rico […]

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Puerto Rico

Zero Waste Eating

Eating zero waste means one thing: deliciously innovative (and really smart). Zero waste is a concept and practice that can mean so many things. Since I started my journey to live a more conscious lifestyle, my awareness has opened ten-fold to the various ways in which one can implement what it means to be a […]

Dining at the Zero Waste Bistro

The sustainable Hix Island House is the #1 eco-friendly and chic accommodation on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico –  more than just a stay, it is a full-on experience not to miss. I have never heard of Vieques island until I stepped foot in Puerto Rico and was informed by my dear friend that this […]

Sustainable Luxury at the Hix Island House


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