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June 10, 2018
The Lin Beach House Accommodation in Greenport

Staying at the Lin Beach House in Greenport, Long Island


Greenport town on the North Fork of Long Island is one of my all-time favorite summertime escapes. Less crowded than the Hamptons and Montauk, Greenport is rising in popularity yet year after year it still maintains it’s all-American historic and farm-first vibe. You can find wineries, organic farm stands, and a handful of beautifully curated places to stay, eat, and drink at also.

When you need to rest your head, look no further than The Lin Beach House, Greenport’s newest venue of chill. This super relaxed and gorgeous B&B just opened this summer 2018, and was brought to life by a team about 5 very talented professional artists from London to Cape Town. Note, having spent some time in Cape Town I was delighted to see the nation’s flower, the Protea, adorning a few nooks of the Lin Beach House.  The managing team has creatively directed and curated the Lin Beach House experience down to every detail; each member of the management brings a distinct talent evidenced in their liquor program to design to hospitality and so on.  Fan of the Talking Heads? You are in for a surprise 🙂

The venue is massive and comes with a story. In the 1970’s this establishment was a bustling restaurant, that eventually turned over several times before the building became vacant, and remained that way for nearly a decade. Walking into the main foyer, you could easily imagine the scene that this used to be. But the current owners despite the maddening chaos (or lack thereof, rather) invested in the Lin Beach House because they saw something in this massive once decrepit has-been. And lets’ face it, Greenport is the less of the overly developed summer towns that still has it’s soul. What they have developed, is a sexy, beachy-chic escape that makes you feel like you’re at a young Tom Cruise’s house party in Risky Business; it’s a no parents party and the house is yours to cause a bit of sophisticated mischief in.

The rooms are self-serving; guests are provided a key code and you can come and go as you please. The owners are accessible however, living in a portion of the venue’s quarters. Another perk: you can stay only one night and aren’t obliged to commit to two. Unlike most B&Bs out east, The Lin Beach House offers this flexibility for a last minute decision to book it out here for a good time. Their bar and restaurant which opens July 2018 looks fantastic, with low-seated cabin bunker style seating and a bar that maintains a minimalist style.

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The Lin Beach House in Greenport

It’s also worth paying a visit to Matchbook Distilling Co, another project by the Lin Beach House owners where they are democratizing spirt-making by allowing customers to make and incubate their own spirits.


The Lin Beach House

Greenport Town, North Fork of Long Island, NY

Modern beach-chic B&B

Price: $$$



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