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March 26, 2020
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COVID-19: Wellness, Yoga & Meditation Online Class Schedule


I’m so happy to share with you this massive yoga, wellness and meditation online class schedule to help you find instructors and classes in real-time! If you have been feeling somewhat frantic and confused about how to get into a new routine, I hear you! All of us have been scrambling to adjust to our new normal, and while temporary, practicing mindfulness is crucial right now.

To help keep us all organized and on track, I have in collaboration with some of my favorite instructors and healers created this master COVID-19 Wellness, Yoga & Meditation Online Class Schedule full of information and access to teachers to help keep us sane and moving!


  • Best experienced on DESKTOP and not mobile!
  • Click on the Google doc image below. You’ll be directed to the live Google excel sheet.
  • Search by activity (yoga, meditation, etc.) with the drop-down filter to choose what you need (toggle the small upside-down pyramid icon in the header cells to do so).
  • Search by your preferred day and time, and technology (Facebook or Instagram Live, Zoom, etc.)
  • Please note while some classes may be free, donations or payment is accepted and encouraged during these challenging times. Instructors’ PayPal and Venmo details are included in this document.
  • Please SHARE this post as much as you’d like with those that wish to find the most up to date information on yoga classes, meditation, reiki, and more.


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If you are an instructor or a healer:

  • If you would like to be featured, please email me so I can get you onboard /  provide instructions on how to manage your section of this database:

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This schedule is designed for you to find online yoga classes, meditations and more that fit your new schedule, and for all the wonderful instructors and healers that can help us along this journey with grace – and keep those buns in check 😉 Practicing balance, loving-kindness, patience, and keep a healthy body and mind during this time is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and others! Please use and share this guide and schedule to connect with some of the world’s best instructors and healers as we all continue on this journey together.

I hope you all find this resource helpful at this time. Here’s to keeping our planet and people healthy and positive!

Light and lots of love <3

Featured studios and teachers:

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