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November 9, 2020
Beekman 1802 sustainable gift sets

The Best Maskne Skincare For Dry Winter Skin


2020 has given us a real rollercoaster of a year, including Maskne – a blend of the words mask and acne, a skin condition most often seen in the form of pimples. It’s the skin irritation that occurs on a person’s face (especially on and around the nose and chin) from regularly wearing a face mask. Woof. So even though we should all be team mask & safety first, that doesn’t mean our skin needs to suffer! So if you’re looking for an epic ethical beauty solution, keep on reading! 

Beauty & skincare Founders Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge started Beekman 1802 without intention. When they bought a farm in upstate New York and lost their New York City jobs following the recession in 2007, they found themselves with 80 goats grazing on their land from a neighbor farmer. To pay their mortgage now being out of work, the brainstorming around possible goat milk formula products began. How could these 80 ethically farmed goats be utilized? 

Making cheese comes with high expenses, so the second option on the list was goat milk soap. After finding a local soap maker, Beekman 1802 with its farm to table beauty approach was born. And the company has since been extremely dedicated to hiring local and environmental sustainability to make their business work.

What are the benefits of goat milk in skincare?

Goat milk is great for harsh winters and cold weather and Beekman’s goat milk formula is extremely nourishing and evens out and balances the skin. 

Better yet, the brand is clean, cruelty free and uses advanced probiotic powered formulas that are sensitive skin-approved.

Unlike so many other skincare products, their ranges are free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, fragrances, phthalates, synthetic colorants, formaldehyde and talc.

In time for the holidays, Beekman 1802 created the perfect sustainable gift sets:

Benefits of Probiotics in Skin Care

Probiotics in skin care work similarly to those for the digestive system as their biggest advantage is their balancing qualities. Through making use of good bacteria on the skin, probiotics have a calming effect and help cells flourish. It helps regulate oil production, stay hydrated and fend off free radicals – balance all around!

There’s three main benefits to probiotics for skin care. First, they act as a protective shield for the skin to reduce inflammation. Second, they produce natural antibiotics that help keep the skin from breaking out. Third, they help the skin deal with external damaging factors, which helps prevent premature aging and flare-ups.

Overall using probiotics is especially beneficial to those with inflammation as a skin concern and Beekman 1802 takes advantage of their skin transforming benefits probiotics have to offer to deeply nourish and bring balance to your skin for a healthy and dewy complexion.

Sustainable holiday gift sets

7 Day Skincare Set

The 7 Day Skincare Set includes travel sized versions of their Buttermilk Cleanser, Milk Wash, Dewy Eyed Serum, Milk Drops, Bloom Cream, Milk Mud, and Milk Foam.

They feature their Triple Milk Complex™: a proprietary blend of goat milk, advanced milk probiotic, and colostrum — like a daily dose of probiotics, it deeply nourishes, bringing balance to all skin types for healthy, dewy, radiant skin while supporting your skin’s moisture barrier.

To top it all off, they’re beautifully packaged in a star-shaped Beekman 1802 box so they’re dressed and ready for the holidays.

Mini Mask Duo Ornament

This giftable ornament features two masks for whichever way you want to boost your skin that day. The first is a travel-sized version of their Milk Mud Warming Clay Mask for exfoliating, purifying, and minimizing pores. The second is a mini version of their Milk Foam Calming Bubble Mask for soothing and cooling skin. Two unique treatments in one holiday-ready package!

These beautiful packages include all of my favorite Beekman 1802 products and they actually work! As a skin care fanatic, I can honestly say their farm to table beauty and goat milk formula is incredibly effective and I can’t recommend them enough.

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