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April 21, 2018
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Can Your Period Save The World?


A zero waste self-care solution for women that is ideal for travel, and so much more.

It’s amazing how innovative we can be when we let passion drive what we do. As I explore more zero waste, ‘green’ products and initiatives in my aim to be a conscious citizen, I can’t say how happy I am to continually discover incredible zero waste goods and creators that are just all in. Some folks I’ve met over the past six months have been so incredibly genius in their approach to thinking about new ways we can manage some of the things as humane and simple as our biological functions. Amanda Wilson, Founder of Voxapod, is one of those people. Her perspective on consumption today: “we live in a time where we must re-think the way we manage single-use disposables, whether it is a plastic water bottle or a plastic tampon applicator”.  Amen sista.

“ One of the most powerful ways we can curb environmental destruction is by changing the way we manage our everyday habits. Periods are no exception.” – Amanda Wilson, Founder of Voxapod

A few facts about how using single-use menstrual disposables are harming the planet:

  • Currently almost 98 percent of American women manage their periods with a combination of disposable tampons and pads, while only a combined 2 to 3 percent opt for reusable products — a category that includes cups. I smell an awareness campaign….
  • In the US alone, 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are thrown into our waterways and landfills every year. H-O-L-Y sh*t. This is the craziest stat of them all. First of all, gross. Second of all, this is a really easy solve…
  • The average woman menstruates for 38 years, tossing roughly 12,000 used disposables in her lifetime. Time for a change ladies.

These stats really make my head spin. But that time of the month doesn’t have to suck; Voxapod is paving the way for you to appreciate your period and it’s potential. The brand is one of a few menstrual cups in the market that offers a better solution for women to manage their cycle – the cups use 100% FDA-approved medical-grade silicone, and are a naturally hygienic and reusable product (which also means zero waste). Voxapod is a benefit corporation, so they must consider the impacts of any action on not only its shareholders, but also on its employees, its customers, the community, the environment, etc.  And as part of its mission, Voxapod impacts period care policy in the United States to ensure access to safe period care for all women. Plus, Voxapod helps girls in the developing world stay in school after they start their period. How, amazing, is that!?

One of the most mind-blowing realities is that tampons and pads are considered a “luxury item,” so they receive a 5–20% tax, making them largely unaffordable for women in developing countries.  LUXURY? I’m sorry – what?! OK maybe my shock is because I am an American, but women are women – and we have been getting out periods since the Garden of Eden popped up so let’s think of a better no-tax category for starters, shall we? What’s more of an issue, is that in those same countries, 57% of girls don’t attend secondary school, mostly because they lack access to menstrual health products—and those that do attend will often drop out for the same reason. This is so NOT ok.  But with every purchase, Voxapod helps create equity and keep girls in school by meeting their menstrual health needs. How can you not want to support a brand this good?

So, what’s with the cup?

  • Menstrual cups provide 12 hours of continuous protection, compared to disposable alternatives that must be changed every few hours.  A menstrual cup is a healthier, more eco-responsible alternative to pads and tampons. Making the change to reusable period care is good for everyone, including the planet.
  • If you’ve used tampons like OB before without an applicator, the transition to a cup should be a piece of cake. Same process. But easier.
  • With proper care, the cup can last for several years! That means hundreds of dollars saved. Plus, it is the most convenient travel item ever – I could not be happier to never have to waste time freaking out and trying to find a bodega or sneak into a spa for supplies when I’m on the road (this has happened to me countless times)! Enough.
  • Most tampons are bleached and are known to contain toxins that lead to adverse health risks. Cups eliminate this process, meaning no more dryness, odor (yuck), dumb strings, or interruption of your natural pH balance.
  • To clean, fully submerging your cup in boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Let cool or rinse under cold water before use. During the cycle, rinse the cup with with clean water and reinsert. Easiest way is to do this in the shower.
  • Voxapod is running a Kickstarter campaign until April 26, 2018 – so have a look and show your support!


VOXAPODTM is a registered benefit corporation that aims to raise the standard in period care. Founder Amanda Wilson has designed an innovative, patent-pending menstrual cup—a healthier, more eco-responsible and hygienic alternative to pads and tampons, giving users up to 12 hours of leak-free protection. Amanda Wilson, Founder, is also the President and founding board member of non-profit, Woman Led, helping ensure the success of woman led companies. Being a woman and raising daughters innately drives her desire to address the gender gap that holds girls and women back from the life they deserve and communities from the development they long for. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Portland Or. For more information visit

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