Insights from: Psychedelic Science Conference, Denver Colorado 2023. Powered by MAPS MDMA, ayahuasca, and psilocybin – these substances hold promise not just for individual healing, but for catalyzing collective transformation, offering us an innovative approach to manage and treat mental illnesses. So it’s no wonder that the CEO of Burning Man, NFL Star Aaron Rodgers, Whole […]

Embracing the Future of Healing: The Psychedelic Renaissance

Best Ibiza Beach Clubs in 2021
I have a long-lasting love affair with Ibiza. Having been there tons of times, the beautiful beach views, decadent food, and the exciting Ibiza nightlife keep me coming back every year. As we’re getting vaxxed and ready to dust off our passports, I can't help but feel the anticipation building up. When I hear the [...]

The Best Ibiza Beach Clubs To Celebrate Summer 2021

zero waste shampoo bar

Why You Should Switch to Shampoo Bars This post is sponsored by Spring & Vine.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Have you ever found yourself frantically searching through your bag, trying to get all electronics and toiletries on the airport security conveyor belt before the guy behind you gets impatient only for your […]

Why You Should Switch to Shampoo Bars

self care practice immunity home remedy

Boosting your immunity with at-home remedies and practicing self-care has never been more important!  I have always been a fan of all things self-care, and in times like these even more so attentive to what I can do to make sure my body is getting the immunity-boosting remedies and power necessary to stay healthy!  As […]

10 Immunity Boosting at Home Remedies You Need to Know About

free online yoga meditation online wellness online online yoga schedule

I’m so happy to share with you this massive yoga, wellness and meditation online class schedule to help you find instructors and classes in real-time! If you have been feeling somewhat frantic and confused about how to get into a new routine, I hear you! All of us have been scrambling to adjust to our […]

COVID-19: Wellness, Yoga & Meditation Online Class Schedule

Raisethegreenbar Hearst Sustainability

#RaiseTheGreenBar Sustainability Summit at the Hearst Tower in New York City This year I had the honor to design and lead a panel about one of my most favorite subjects in the world, you guessed it: sustainable travel! It was one of those WOW moments – three years ago I joined this event as an audience […]

#RaiseTheGreenBar Sustainability Summit


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