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July 22, 2019
where to eat Mallorca

Dining in Mallorca at Sant Francesc Hotel Singular 


If you head to the Balearic Island of Spain for some sunshine and relaxation you can also be sure of one thing: you will eat some super yummy things along the way! Eating delicious local food is something that really can’t be compromised when on holiday – eating in Mallorca especially! So, when I made my travel plans I took note of where to find the most authentic Mallorcan bites around. Here’s what I discovered my first night eating in Mallorca.

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular 

Part of a collection I adore (Small Luxury Hotels of the World), Sant Francesc Hotel Singular is located in Palma but tucked away in the old town. The rooftop of this 5-star hotel is one of the most unique I’ve ever seen. Overlooking a massive cathedral in the center of Palma of Mallorca, the hotel also has a gorgeous pool. The hotel itself is a restored and renovated 19th-century mansion, with 42 rooms and suites, many with wood-beamed ceilings and covered verandas, as well as with original frescos and moldings. In short, it is a stunning articulation of both contemporary designs wrapped in the distinct Mallorcan architecture and heritage.

And on the terrace, you will find the restaurant COCA TONETA, by Chef Maria Solivellas.  I love Chef Maria’s credo: ‘To provide taste without complicating recipes or mixing ingredients randomly. Our taste is reached by going back to our roots, using native varieties that have fallen into disuse in most other restaurants. The wealth of a product does not depend on its market value, but on its nearness, its freshness and its taste’.  This is something I can high-five. Living in Italy for several years taught me the value of fresh, real food which will forever be the way I handle and consume the things I choose to put in my body.

The Cocas are what it’s all about here – which is a  pizza-like dish that is the perfect summer nibble. Great for a lunch main, or an appetizer for a group dinner – the Coca is the island’s traditional dish made with ‘xeixa flour’ and local olive oil, topped with fresh local produce.

where to eat Mallorca

The dough was so deliciously full of flavor and nice grains. They create the Cocas with toppings including Fried carrot, fennel and ‘butifarrón’, Octopus with onions and Suckling pig with apricot sauce. SO GOOD. I also devoured some muscles that were so beautiful and orange-colored, adorned with almond milk foam.

And the staff was so incredibly kind and welcoming as well, which is something I have come to very aware of in my travels. When you encounter quality customer service, it can really change the game.

How to get there: It’s best you take a cab there if you are there in the summer months as the hotel is a little walk uphill from Palma’s center.

Price: Accommodation can be $$$ but the terrace dining and drinks are very reasonable for the ambiance

This post is sponsored by the lovely Sant Francesc Hotel Singular  Opinions are 100% my own. 

Connect with Chef Maria here

eating in Mallorca

eating in Mallorca

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