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March 20, 2023

How to Create a Renewed Path of Success with the Power of the Spring Equinox


The 2023 spring equinox is a rare and powerful cosmic opportunity, both energetically and spiritually. On this day, the sun will cross the celestial equator, signaling the start of astronomical spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This special time of year offers a unique chance to tap into the energy of renewal and transformation, making it an opportune moment for conscious leaders to use their intuition and creativity to generate positive results, both on a personal and professional level.

This moment is an opportunity to use the energy of this ancient astronomical event to help create positive outcomes in personal and professional life, and from an astrological perspective, the spring equinox marks the beginning of cardinal solar season – a period associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. The days are getting longer and warmer as we move away from winter’s darkness. Hooray!

What Is the Spring Equinox?

On an astrological level, the Spring Equinox marks an important moment of balance between light (the sun) and dark (the moon). Astrologers have long used this period to gain clarity on what is out of balance, reflect on new beginnings, and set intentions for manifesting desired changes.

The shift in seasonal energy that takes place during this special time has been celebrated by cultures around the world going back thousands of years. The ancient Celts held festivals during the spring equinox in honor of Eostre (the goddess associated with rebirth), while Native Americans celebrated themes related to new growth and renewal through various rituals such as communal dancing and drumming circles. For conscious leaders today, observing these rituals can be a great way draw on ancient wisdom while cultivating meaningful connections within their own communities.

Planetary Occurrences

On a more technical level, during the equinox (or any other point in time), there are multiple planets coming together at once that cause specific types of energies to be present. These energies can be used as catalysts for inspiration or insight. For instance, during this upcoming spring equinox on March 20th or 21st 2021 (depending on where you live), Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius adding clarity to thoughts and conversations about innovation or progress. Saturn will also be forming a trine with Uranus which encourages us to break away from structure while still honoring our commitments — perfect timing for when we want something new but don’t want to throw caution to the wind! Lastly Mars will be forming a trine with Pluto bringing forth powerful transformation when it comes to courage and ambition — a great opportunity to take risks while still staying grounded.

How Can Conscious Leaders Utilize The Spring Equinox?

As far as practical applications go, harnessing the energy from this momentous occasion can help conscious leaders ignite greater creativity which can be used to foster inspiration in projects or develop unique strategies for achieving growth on both professional and personal levels.

A Harvard Business Review study revealed how leveraging energy from seasonal events like the Spring Equinox can help conscious leaders unlock increased clarity around decision-making which leads to better outcomes for both themselves and their organizations. Additionally, these same studies show that people who take advantage of moments like these report lower levels of stress as well as improved relationships with colleagues due to enhanced communication skills resulting from partaking in reflective activities during such times.


  • If you feel stuck on a project or overwhelmed with work tasks, try scheduling regular brainstorming sessions with your team or colleagues where ideas flow freely without judgement or expectation from others.
  • Take advantage of the gig economy and freelancer networks to  open up new pathways for problem solving that may not have been considered previously.
  • Explore ways you can bring more balance into your daily routine by carving out more time for restorative activities like yoga or nature walks in order to increase creative output at work while simultaneously restoring mental clarity and focus.
  • Take small but meaningful steps towards success such as starting a gratitude journal or setting regular times for meditating can also help cultivate greater clarity about one’s purpose— make more informed decisions regarding their goals or aspirations moving forward.
  • Tap into the power from this special seasonal circumstance to bring meaning into your life and contribute towards larger objectives within organizations—but only if done responsibly with realistic expectations at heart!
  • It’s important to remember that although huge leaps may seem achievable due to our heightened sense of optimism around this time of year, it’s often best practice for business owners (and individuals alike) stay grounded in reality so they don’t get ahead of themselves when striving for success.

Harnessing Creative Energy

Intuitive leaders understand that they must harness this creative potential in order to bring their vision into reality. The Spring Equinox has numerous business benefits for entrepreneurs, executives, founders and CMOs alike. By tapping into this powerful source of inspiration and motivation, you can drive growth through innovation while also inspiring others with their enthusiasm and vision. Furthermore, leveraging the cosmic force behind the spring equinox provides an opportunity for individuals to gain clarity on their goals and objectives which leads to increased productivity and efficiency within any organization.

In doing so, they are able to come up with innovative solutions that can help them reach their goals faster than ever before. Additionally, by taking advantage of this special moment of alignment between spiritual and planetary forces, conscious leaders are able to foster deeper connection within themselves as well as with those around them.

We can make use of these energies by turning them into actionable plans or goals that move us forward towards our desired outcomes in life or business. For example, if our intention is to create more sustainable practices within our organization then now would be a great time to do research around green initiatives such as investing solar panels or reducing paper waste in our office space. Additionally, if your goal is personal growth then using this potent energy could look like taking some time out from your daily routine for self-care; this way you can stay connected with your purpose while utilizing both scientific data and spiritual guidance simultaneously — truly tapping into powerful transformation. Now that sounds magical, doesn’t it?


The 2023 spring equinox marks an important period of equilibrium on Earth that provides us with an excellent opportunity to reflect on our current goals while unleashing creative insights that will help propel us forward in both our personal and professional lives. By taking advantage of mindfulness practices as well as incorporating restorative activities into our daily routines—we can tap into the energy of this powerful event to help generate results and growth within all areas of our lives. With so many options available for harnessing creativity through leveraging the power of the spring equinox – there is no better time than now to take action!






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