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March 27, 2023

The Sweetest Way to Save the Planet: A Guide to 4 Sustainable Chocolate and Regenerative Brands


You are What you Eat

Welcome to a chocolate lover’s paradise! If you’ve been searching for sustainably grown and harvested chocolate brands that are making positive changes in the world while also providing delicious, high-quality confections, look no further. We have pulled together 4 amazing regenerative and sustainable chocolates from around the world that will satisfy your taste buds as well as let you savor sweet peace of mind knowing each bite has had an ethical philosophy behind it. As passionate advocates for sustainability, we believe every product we use should be made in a way that creates vibrant ecosystems, respects worker rights, produces healthy food systems and generally leaves this planet better than how we found it. You deserve satisfyingly indulgent snacks with a conscience – so pull up a chair. Our guide to 7 sustainable chocolate and regenerative brands brings all of this flavor to the conversation—literally!


What Does Sustainable Chocolate Mean and Why Should We Care About It

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Easter, or just a Tuesday, there’s always a good reason to treat yourself to eco-friendly chocolate. But what does sustainable chocolate mean and why should we care about it? In the past companies focussed on economic growth alone but sustainable companies now concentrate on eco-friendly solutions: sourcing materials naturally and responsibly within a circular economy geometry. These eco-chocolatiers are producing Fairtrade certified and ethically sourced Easter eggs – plus other chocolate delights – to meet our increasing desires for purchasing with purpose. By supporting sustainable brands like those included in the Guide to 4 Sustainable Chocolate and Regenerative Brands, everyone can play an active role in building a brighter future for the planet.


4 Sustainable Chocolate Brands That Are Doing Amazing Things

Trying to make sustainable decisions about our chocolate purchases can be confusing, especially given the multitude of brands out there. How can we make sure that sustainable practices are being followed? It’s a quest to make sustainable, fair-labor, and circular decisions that change our environment for the better. Thankfully, there are four sustainable brands of chocolate that are making an impact—they’re innovating strategies within their businesses so they can commit to sustainable practices and lifestyle changes. Did you know that these brands even exist? Now is the time to read up on them, learn their stories and find out what they’re doing in order to drive positive change. Let’s make sure we do no harm while giving ourselves the sweet treat of enjoying sustainable chocolate!


Meet Raaka, The Maker of Truly Unroasted Chocolate

Ready to take your chocolate game to the next level? Meet Raaka, the company behind truly unroasted chocolate delights. Unique amongst its peers in both flavor and sustainability, Raaka prides itself in using milk and sugar from regenerative sources and prominent fair labor practices. With a myriad of indulgent options ranging from blackstrap molasses and cherry cola to bourbon vanilla and coconut milk, you will never look at regular chocolate the same way again! Their decadent yet sophisticated flavors promise something special for any chocoholic’s palate. When it comes to regenerative chocolatiers, Raaka is the wittiest snacker’s ultimate brand. They offer the ultimate combo of highly creative confectionary creations with the through line transparent model – no doubt a WIN WIN.


Askinosie’s Mission to Create Direct Trade and Invest Locally

The passionate team at Askinosie is a leader in the sustainable chocolate industry, pushing for more direct trade with cocoa farmers and investing in local economic development projects. What sets them apart is their direct source mission of helping build thriving cocoa farming communities while avoiding factories and middlemen. As a part of this, they offer many educational resources on their website that help people make informed decisions about what brands to support based on circular, regenerative and fair labor practices. In this way, Askinosie’s mission allows for ethical purchases that benefit our planet and its inhabitants.


Tony’s Chocolonely Takes an Uncompromising Approach to Fair Labor Standards

Tony’s Chocolonely is ahead of the game when it comes to ethical practices in their chocolate production. Using a revolutionary model, they have gained widespread attention for their pioneering strategies that champion fair labor rights in the chocolate industry. They use a variety of innovative solutions to promote healthy labor conditions including measuring cocoa bean farming with satellite imagery and collaborating with auditors who guarantee workers are treated ethically and receive above-average wages. With an uncompromising dedication to these values, Tony’s Chocolonely looks set to inspire other brands to adopt similar ethical practices as well as remind consumers about how their purchasing habits can change lives for the better.


Dandelion Chocolate as a Pioneer in Bean-to-Bar Craftsmanship

Dandelion Chocolate has emerged as a leader in the craft chocolate industry, pioneering bean-to-bar craftsmanship that celebrates local relationships and sustainability. Every step of the process is taken with expertise, a keen eye for detail and respect for the natural resources involved. From sourcing their beans from small farmers around the world, to providing a real living wage to their workforce – they are committed not just to making great tasting chocolate, but also to making sure every aspect of their operation is as responsible as possible. Their commitment to both delicious results and ethical solutions makes them an exemplar company for those who demand both taste and social justice in our food systems today.

So, now the ultimate question. Are you ready to make a change in the chocolate industry? The power of consumerism is within your grasp, and there are so many brands making strides towards making the process sustainable and equitable. It’s a privilege to be able to vote with our wallets and act as stewards of social and environmental justice by consciously choosing what we put into our bodies. It is time that we live up to that responsibility with vigor and passion. So go ahead, fair consumer – pour yourself a glass of delicious sustainable chocolate and make decisions that are truly good for our planet. Ask yourself: What brands do you know that are making a difference? After all, it’s about time everyone has access to delicious, sustainably produced chocolates! #ChocolateRevolution



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