You are What you Eat Welcome to a chocolate lover's paradise! If you've been searching for sustainably grown and harvested chocolate brands that are making positive changes in the world while also providing delicious, high-quality confections, look no further. We have pulled together 4 amazing regenerative and sustainable chocolates from around the world that will [...]

The Sweetest Way to Save the Planet: A Guide to 4 Sustainable Chocolate and Regenerative Brands

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Do You Know How Eco-Friendly Your Vodka Is?    Have you ever thought about how eco-friendly the spirits are that you drink? We know that as conscious consumers, we vote with our dollars with every purchase we make. Which means, for every drinking occasion there comes a choice to opt for environmentally conscious brands that […]

How Belvedere Vodka Leads in Environmental Sustainability

where to eat Mallorca

If you head to the Balearic Island of Spain for some sunshine and relaxation you can also be sure of one thing: you will eat some super yummy things along the way! Eating delicious local food is something that really can’t be compromised when on holiday – eating in Mallorca especially! So, when I made […]

Dining in Mallorca at Sant Francesc Hotel Singular 

Marrakech Best Restaurant Eating & Drinking Morocco Vegan

The Marrakech restaurant scene offers such a vibrant blend of old and new –  traditional cuisine meets chic eats, fun vibes, vegan nibbles and plenty of Insta-worthy photo opps! I found a handful of new, contemporary places that did a great job at maintaining the baseline Moroccan dishes and flavors with a contemporary, healthy twist. […]

The Ultimate Restaurant Guide: Marrakech

The Lin Beach House Accommodation in Greenport

Greenport town on the North Fork of Long Island is one of my all-time favorite summertime escapes. Less crowded than the Hamptons and Montauk, Greenport is rising in popularity yet year after year it still maintains it’s all-American historic and farm-first vibe. You can find wineries, organic farm stands, and a handful of beautifully curated […]

Staying at the Lin Beach House in Greenport, Long Island

Zero Waste Eating

Eating zero waste means one thing: deliciously innovative (and really smart). Zero waste is a concept and practice that can mean so many things. Since I started my journey to live a more conscious lifestyle, my awareness has opened ten-fold to the various ways in which one can implement what it means to be a […]

Dining at the Zero Waste Bistro


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